Immigration Law

A successful business in Latvia often requires investment by foreign entities or individuals, or the employment of foreigners.  Spigulis & Kukainis advises all aspects relating to procurement of Latvian work permits and/or Latvian residence permits, so that our client’s team can quickly and effectively relocate necessary personnel to their business entities in Latvia.

We also assist persons who left Latvia after WWII, with all matters from A to Z relating to requesting dual citizenship. Our staff is fluent in English, thus not knowing Latvian is not a problem. We have successfully assisted numerous Canadian, United States, and Australian citizens with requesting dual Latvian citizenship.

  • Requesting citizenship / Latvian dual citizenship
  • Formation of visa and residence permit requests
  • Establishment of companies for residence permit purposes
  • Residence permits based on investment in real estate or companies
  • Formation of work permit requests
  • Appealing decisions of immigration authorities



The Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs, following an appeal prepared by the Office, recognised the error in its previous decision and issued a temporary residence permit to the customer of the Office, an Australian citizen.


The Office successfully completed the process of obtaining temporary residence permits and work permits for Indian citizens in order to ensure the execution of one of the largest Lattelecom information technology (IT) projects, in cooperation with the Indian company Tech Mahindra, which operates 35 000 employees.