Inheritance Law / Estate Planning

We regularly represent United States, Canadian, Australian, Swedish, and other citizens of other countries regarding the inheritance of property in Latvia. We clearly know what documents are needed, and how to legalize same. Spigulis & Kukainis Partner Matiss Kukainis has a vast amount of experience with such matters, and is well known locally for his experience with such matters, being himself originally from the United States (Michigan) before moving to Latvia in 2006.

Successful transition of your property or business to the next generation requires careful planning in order to protect your assets and minimize transfer and estate taxes and fees. If you live in the United States, Canada, or Australia, special attention needs to be given to unique tax consequences.

A will is always not enough to ensure that your wealth will be preserved for your heirs, and a will is not the only tool that can be used to transfer your assets and/or wealth to loved ones.

  •  Assist with all aspects of Latvian property inheritance, including the valuation of property, to make sure “it is worth the hassle or legal fees”
  •  Representation in all probate matters before Latvian courts
  •  Representation of executors of estates, that have to claim property in Latvia.
  •  Representation in all probate matters before Latvian notaries, which in Latvia are state officials
  •  Representation regarding disputes with other potential heirs, and assist with the fair division of properties or asserts among various parties
  •  Minimization of Latvian transfer taxes and Latvian estate taxes
  •  Interplay of United States, Canadian, Australian and other jurisdiction tax law and Latvian tax law (please note, we require confirmation of our advice with your local, home-country tax advisor or CPA).
  •  Issues regarding placing property in trusts.
  •  Revocable trusts, irrevocable trusts, asset protection trusts

If you are the heir of a property or estate in Latvia, Spigulis and Kukainis can assist with administration issues related to the assets of the estate.

  • Identifying and taking inventory of the estate assets
    • Property, bank accounts, personal belongings
  • Collecting/Paying debts owed to the estate
  •  Appraisal of assets
  •  Filing and paying estate and other transfer taxes and fees
  •  Distributing assets to beneficiaries.