Paula Kreicsteina

Attorney at Law

Admitted to Practice

Attorney at law
Member of the Latvian Collegium of Sworn Advocates since 2015


M.A. - Professional Law Degree
University of Latvia, Riga, Latvia

B.A. - Professional Law Degree
University of Latvia, Riga, Latvia


Prior to joining the Spigulis & Kukainis team, Paula worked for five years at Riga District Court, at first doing the work of a secretary of court hearings, and later becoming a judge's assistant. As the result of this work experience, Paula gained valuable practical insight knowledge of judicial system of Latvia, court proceedings, civil procedure and different kind of civil cases.

Paula specialises in civil law, debt recovery, competition law, labour law, commercial law, intellectual property rights, as well as administrative matters, providing legal assistance in various issues and drafting legal documents.

Paula provides full spectrum of legal assistance in various categories of civil matters, including competition law, loss and debt recovery cases, which cover, inter alia, specific issues related to the IT and forestry sectors. Paula represents clients in courts of all instances, provides legal assistance, develops a litigation strategy, providing full-spectrum client support in litigation, prepares various types of procedural documents and opinions. Paula, among other things, conducts legal research and prepares opinions on issues related to the client activities and advises the clients.

Membership in Organisations

The Supervisory and Control Commission of the Latvian Council of Sworn Advocates – since 2022, Paula has been a member of the Supervisory and Control Commission. The Supervisory and Control Commission has been established as a standing commission with the duties and rights of the training, supervising, controlling, representation and decision-making body. The Commission performs and ensures training, supervision and control of attorneys at law and assistant attorneys at law, including by taking decisions related to the Latvian Council of Sworn Advocates as a supervisory and control authority in accordance with the laws and regulations regarding prevention of money laundering, terrorism and proliferation financing and in accordance with the International and the national Sanctions Law of the Republic of Latvia.


Latvian, English, Russian