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The website is owned and operated by the Law Firm “Spigulis & Kukainis” (hereinafter – the Law Firm), VAT number 90002633477, address: Valnu Street 3-25, Riga, LV-1050, Latvia, phone: +371 6721 4272, e-mail: The specified means of communication shall be used for communication on issues, requests and comments related to the Privacy Policy.

The Law Firm fully respects the right to privacy of each website visitor therefore the Law Firm will not collect and process your personal data without notice and your consent. If you transfer personal data to the Law Firm in any other ways, the Law Firm will process the data pursuant to provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation, Personal Data Processing Law and other legislation. By visiting the website the Law Firm does not collect your personal data unless you use any of the means of communication indicated in the website, for example, an e-mail, and on your own initiative contact the Law Firm and thus transfer your personal data to the Law Firm.

For maintenance of the website the Law Firm uses Google Analytics services therefore the information on visitors of the Law Firm’s website and their activities on the website are fixed (recorded) by Google Analytics. The information recorded in this way is used by the Law Firm exclusively for statistical purposes to improve website usability and collected data are not used to personally identify you. In the context of the service of Google Analytics the following information is recorded on the Law Firm’s website visitors:
• IP address;
• Domain name (for example, lv, com, org, net);
• previous website from which the visitor reached the Law Firm’s website, including any search terms that has been used;
• data, indicating to the visitors flow around the website (for example, accessed pages and downloaded documents);
• what kind of Web browser the user used.

The Law Firm’s website also uses cookies. Cookie is a small text file, sent to and stored in a device (for example, computer or mobile phone), through which the Web browser was used. The cookie saves the website on a device and uses the website next time when you visit the website, whereas a cookie allows the Law Firm to recognise your browser next time when you open the website. Therefore, the cookie works as a memory of a specific website allowing the website of the Law Firm to remember your computer during another visits, including your settings or improve accessibility for users. Additional information on cookies and options to manage or delete them is available at:

The Law Firm uses cookies to make your return visit to the Law Firm website easier and more user-friendly. The cookies allow the site to remember: if you have previously accepted the use of the cookies; Google maps cookie that records usage of the map; Google Analytics – usage of website for data collection for statistical purposes.

The website of the Law Firm uses Google Analytics services, as well as cookies made by “Google Analytics” programme established by “Google Inc” has been installed helping to improve the quality of the content of the website and adjust to the needs of the users.

If you do not want the website of the Law Firm to obtain information on your activities in this website, activate Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on additional tool here:

By using this additional tool, you will be able to contact Google Analytics JavaScript (ga.js), to indicate that data on relevant visit of the website should not be sent to “Google Analytics”.

You are able to control the usage of cookies and delete them at your own discretion. Additional information on thus option is available at: If you wish, you can delete all cookies contained in the device (for example, computer or mobile phone). Likewise, you can set the most of the browsers so that block insertion of cookies on your computer. When using this option, take into account that you will have to manually adjust your settings every time when you visit website, and also bear in mind that in the result of blocking use of cookies some services and functions might not work for you.