Real Estate Law

With regard to real estate, no job is too small or too big for Spigulis & Kukainis. We offer honest, transparent and cost-efficient services for any real estate transaction, from selling a small piece of Farmland in the rural area of Latgale, to closing the most expensive apartment purchase transaction in Riga in the past three years (2016-2019).

Firm partner Matiss Kukainis is well know with regard to real estate transactions, that include consultations regarding the inheritance, management, sale and lease of any type of property, from small parcels of farmland and forest, to apartments and buildings, as well as the sale of sawmills and large commercial properties.

We not only provide registration, sale, and closing services, but also assist in price negotiations and representing the client in all matters regarding the sale. We also look at your property goals as a whole, while paying special attention to tax planning issues, both local and international, especially for our non-resident clients.

Spigulis & Kukainis represents developers, investors, borrowers, lenders, hotel operators, restaurants, property managers and private property owners, including rural property (farmland and forest) owners.

We assist our clients with real estate matters in the following areas:

  •  Inheritance, purchase, sale, lease and management of real estate
    • Commercial
    • Residential (Apartments / Homes)

We have assisted clients with the sale and management of many large residential and mixed use buildings in the center of Riga and in Old Town, which includes any and all issues with problematic tenants, unethical property managers, and various types of zoning issues.

  • Rural (Including the sale of timber)

We assist our clients with the valuation of their farmland, and how to structure agreements to maximize value for the client, and consult on who should be the targeted farmer of party to lease the client’s land.

If you are a private forest owner, EVERYONE wants your forest, as private forest owners rarely understand how to properly value their timber. We assist with such valuations, and we are known for our honesty and transparency in regard to consultations regarding forest valuation.

Agreements with construction service providers, architects

  •  Zoning and land use for residential, commercial and industrial projects. We assist with performing due diligence on potential building sites, and assist with all permitting issues with the state or local municipality
  • Mortgage agreement consultations and restructuring
  •  Real estate transaction risk analysis / due diligence
    • Encumbrances and liens
    • Ownership rights
    • Evaluation of quality of title
  • Project lending and financing
  • Commercial and residential property management



The Office represented the Client in the most expensive apartment purchase transaction in Latvia in last 4 years, amounting to over EUR 1.4 million.


In a successful representation of the interests of the Client, the judgment of the Limbazu District Court decided to restore justice and to invalidate several purchase contracts by restoring the ownership of property rights of the original real estate owner. The applicant had an immovable property which, on the basis of a counterfeited Power of Attorney, was at first sold to a legal person, and then the legal person immediately sold it to a natural person.


The Office represented a Swedish real estate sector company, carrying out the due diligence procedures for a number of real estates, which revealed significant shortcomings in protecting the Client from large losses due to failed investments.


The Office successfully represented the interests of its Client by monitoring the sale of a real estate owned by the Client in Bulgaria and ensuring the success of the transaction, and the Client received a full purchase price without even leaving Latvia.